Running Bare is a rebellious, nimble and inspiring activewear business. I collaborated with Running Bare’s CEO for eight years. Each season, we created a campaign that stood on its own but told a cohesive story from season to season. The marketing channels varied from Outdoor & TV advertising, In-store displays, Catalogs and Digital.

The Strand Arcade is one of Sydney's oldest and most revered shopping arcades. It is home to many of Australia's finest designers and craftsmen. Each season, I led a team to collaborate with an acknowledged tastemaker to create a broadsheet newspaper that showcased the eclectic myriad of gems found within the arcade.

Sheridan is known for its luxurious bedding and textiles, combining craftsmanship with unique artistry. I led a team that created all consumer-facing communication, from tv commercials to emails. This iconic brand has defined Australian interior style by balancing the exterior with interior.

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Sportscraft and my time with this brand is a career favourite. I worked on the brand for 12 years and helped shape it into one of Australia's most recognised and beloved brands. I set a tone and creative handwriting that was able to withstand four CEOs and eight heads of marketing to ensure the brand message was consistently recognisable while it evolved with trends and culture.

Just Jeans is one of Australia's most iconic clothing retailers. Over 15 years ago, I set set visual identity that the brand continues to build upon today.

Oxford is a fast fashion retailer which focuses on suiting and party wear. Our decade long partnership was lead by CEO, Simon Herro and stylist, Kim Payne